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A pet wellness exam is a routine physical examination performed by a veterinarian to evaluate the overall health and well-being of a pet. This exam is typically recommended every 6 months for adult pets, and more frequently for senior pets or those with medical conditions.

During the wellness exam, the veterinarian will check various aspects of your pet's health, including:

  1. Vital signs: heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

  2. Eyes, ears, and nose for any signs of infection, inflammation, or abnormal discharge.

  3. Teeth and gums for signs of dental disease, which is common in many pets.

  4. Skin and coat for any signs of allergies, infections, or parasites.

  5. Musculoskeletal system: joints, muscles, and mobility to check for any signs of pain or discomfort.

In addition to the physical exam, the veterinarian may also recommend various tests and screenings based on your pet's age, medical history, and lifestyle. These may include blood work, fecal testing, urinalysis, or diagnostic imaging.

Overall, a pet wellness exam is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and detecting any potential health problems early on, when they are often easier and less expensive to treat.


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