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Mary Belista

Asst. Manager

Meet Mary Belista, hailing from the Philippines, has harbored a deep affection for pets since her early childhood. Her unwavering passion for animals has been a constant thread throughout her life. With a decade of experience in the United Arab Emirates, Mary has become an integral part of the workforce, where her dedication and love for animals have shone through. Her journey has led her to the role of Assistant Manager and Receptionist, a position where she combines her managerial skills with her genuine care for pets.

In her role at the Intervet Veterinary Clinic, Mary's commitment to the well-being of animals is evident. As an Assistant Manager, she efficiently oversees various aspects of the clinic's operations, ensuring a seamless and compassionate environment for both pets and their owners. Her welcoming reception skills contribute to creating a warm atmosphere, putting pet owners at ease as they enter the clinic.

Beyond her professional duties, Mary is a proud pet parent herself. At home, she shares her life with two dogs and one cat, forming a loving and harmonious household. This personal connection to animals not only enhances Mary's understanding of the needs and concerns of pet owners but also reflects her genuine empathy for the furry companions who visit Intervet Veterinary Clinic. With Mary Belista at the helm, the clinic is not just a place for medical care but a haven where pets receive love, attention, and expert assistance.


Mary Belista
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