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Hill Dominick Mercado

Pet Groomer

Meet Hill Dominick Mercado, a highly skilled and dedicated Pet Groomer hailing from the picturesque Philippines. With a wealth of qualifications and extensive experience, Dominick possesses the unique ability to deliver the utmost standard of pet grooming services. His passion for enhancing the physical appearance of pets is evident in his meticulous approach, which includes washing, cutting fur, clipping nails, brushing coats, and ensuring teeth and ears are clean.

Dominick's journey in the world of pet grooming has been fueled by his genuine love for animals. As a dedicated pet lover, he finds joy in interacting with various furry friends, making his profession as a pet groomer a perfect fit. With nearly two years of hands-on experience, Dominick not only excels in his work but also takes pleasure in the rewarding nature of his chosen profession.

Clients at Intervet Veterinary Clinic can rest assured that their beloved pets are in capable hands when entrusted to Dominick's care. His commitment to excellence and genuine passion for the well-being of animals make him an invaluable member of the clinic's team.

Hill Dominick Mercado
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