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Dr. Sergio Da Silva

DVM & Founder of Intervet Clinic

Meet Dr. Sergio Da Silva, the esteemed founder of Intervet Veterinary Clinic and its head veterinarian, is a seasoned professional with a rich background in veterinary care. Demonstrating a passion for animals from a young age, Dr. Da Silva's early engagement in their welfare paved the way for a dedicated career in veterinary medicine. With three decades of experience, he has been a key contributor to the veterinary landscape in the United Arab Emirates for the past nine years.

Under Dr. Da Silva's leadership, Intervet Veterinary Clinic has emerged as a reputable establishment, providing unparalleled veterinary care services. The clinic, founded by Dr. Da Silva, has become a trusted haven for pet owners seeking comprehensive and compassionate healthcare for their beloved companions.

Dr. Sergio Da Silva's expertise extends beyond a profound knowledge of veterinary medicine; it encompasses a genuine love for animals that has been evident throughout his life. From his childhood fascination with animals to his current role as the founder of Intervet Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Da Silva's journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the welfare of animals and his significant impact on the veterinary community.

Dr. Sergio Da Silva
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