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Dr. Rahaf Roushdi

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Meet Dr. Rahaf Roushdi, a dedicated veterinarian with a passion for animal care. Born and raised in the UAE, Dr. Roushdi pursued her dream of becoming a veterinarian, graduating from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Al Mansoura University in Egypt in 2014. Her journey in the field of veterinary medicine took an interesting turn as she spent five years working in a pharmacy, gaining extensive knowledge about medicines.

In 2018, She furthered her expertise by completing a Diploma in House Animals Diseases. Eager to apply her skills and contribute to the well-being of animals, she returned to the UAE in 2021 and began practicing pet animal diagnosis and surgery. Her professional journey has taken her to various cities, including Al Ain, Sharjah, and Dubai, where she has made a positive impact on the lives of numerous pets.

Beyond her commitment to veterinary medicine, she finds joy in her free time by engaging in activities such as reading, watching movies, and taking leisurely walks. Her well-rounded interests reflect not only her dedication to her profession but also her appreciation for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Dr. Roushdi's expertise, combined with her genuine love for animals and continuous pursuit of knowledge, makes her a valuable asset to Intervet Veterinary Clinic. As she continues to contribute to the field, her compassionate and knowledgeable approach ensures the best possible care for her furry patients.

Dr. Rahaf Roushdi
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