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Dr. Asif Siddique

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Meet Dr. Asif Siddique, a seasoned veterinary professional with 11 years of rich experience in the field. He earned his degree from Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan in 2013, showcasing a strong educational foundation in veterinary science. His passion for animals dates back to his childhood, where a deep connection and attachment led him to choose a career as a veterinary doctor.

With a profound love for animals, he has dedicated over a decade to providing exceptional veterinary care, gaining extensive knowledge and expertise along the way. His commitment to the well-being of animals is evident in his professional journey, making him a valuable addition to the Intervet Veterinary Clinic team.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, he brings a vibrant personality to the clinic. Outside of work, he finds joy in listening to music, a hobby that adds a unique dimension to his character. Additionally, he enjoys staying active by engaging in football, showcasing a well-rounded and balanced approach to life.

Intervet Veterinary Clinic takes pride in having Dr. Asif Siddique on board, confident that his passion, experience, and diverse interests will contribute significantly to the clinic's commitment to providing top-notch veterinary care.

Dr. Asif Siddique
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