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Emergency care is a critical veterinary service that provides prompt medical attention to pets that require immediate medical attention due to sudden illness, injury, or other life-threatening conditions.

Examples of emergencies that may require immediate veterinary attention include:

  1. Difficulty breathing or severe coughing

  2. Seizures or collapse

  3. Ingestion of toxins, poisons, or foreign objects

  4. Severe bleeding or trauma

  5. Inability to urinate or defecate

  6. Acute abdominal pain or bloating

  7. Loss of consciousness or coma

  8. Eye injuries or sudden blindness

When you arrive here at Intervet Clinic, a trained veterinary team will assess your pet's condition and triage them based on the severity of their symptoms. Pets with life-threatening conditions will be prioritized and treated immediately. Our veterinary team may perform diagnostic tests, such as blood work or imaging, to help diagnose your pet's condition and develop a treatment plan.

The treatment plan may include medications, surgery, oxygen therapy, or other supportive care measures to stabilize your pet and manage their symptoms. Our veterinary team will also provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your pet is comfortable and stable.


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